CliniSpace® Dynapatient™ -Grand Prize winner at the Federal Virtual Challenge 2011.

CliniSpace® BattleCare -Grand Prize winner at the Federal Virtual Challenge 2012.

CliniSpace®  was nominated as the best Non-Game (Serious Game) at the Unity Awards 2011 in San Francisco.


What they say:

“My students practice the basics of scenarios and communication before spending precious simulation time with the manikin.”

“CliniSpace exposes students to more cases than they can complete within our physical simulation center.”

“We use the detailed performance tracking capabilities built into CliniSpace to perform research studies.”


Our Collaborators

The CliniSpace Virtual Sim Center will not be available for subscriptions or demos starting September 1, 2018. This site contains information and links about the features, uses, and publications about the Virtual Sim Center as well as other CliniSpace projects.


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What can you do with it?

Collaborate with multiple learners.
Author your own patient scenarios.
Interact with dynamic patient & medical objects.
Practice documentation & use of EMR.
Track learner performance.
Be the voice of the patient.

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What is Virtual Sim Center?

CliniSpace Virtual Sim Center is a 3D, immersive, computer application for practicing patient care and clinical management with interactive devices affecting the health of virtual patients (DynaPatients™).

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