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CliniSpace Virtual Sim Center offers the next generation of training environments for healthcare professionals – immersive, authentic, 3D virtual environments that replicate the familiar surroundings of daily work. Logging into these environments, learners encounter realistic scenarios and problems. They practice alone and in teams, learning to make decisions, to communicate effectively, and to recover safely from errors. As a hosted application, accessed over the Internet, the Virtual Sim Center is a cost-effective and scalable addition to all simulator training.
Innovation in Learning, Inc. conceived of, and funded the development of the CliniSpace® ​ platform, based on the years of simulation experience of the principals at IIL. ​IIL was started by Parvati Dev and Wm.LeRoy Heinrichs.

​Parvati Dev, PhD, IIL's President and CEO, has 30 years of experience developing technology solutions applied to life sciences learning and research problems. At Stanford University she founded and ran an internationally recognized learning technologies lab, SUMMIT, with numerous firsts in multimedia, web and simulation for medical education.

​Wm. LeRoy Heinrichs, MD, PhD.IIL’s co-founder and Exec. Medical Director, has 32 years of experience at Stanford University serving in roles of Professor and Chair of Ob/Gyn, with a $4.0M annual budget (1980), and as Director of Gynecology, and Associate Director of SUMMIT.

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About Virtual Sim Center

CliniSpace® ​is a platform for development of a wide range of immersive medical applications. Its modular design supports rapid design of spaces, reconfiguration of equipment and furniture, and reuse of its many characters (avatars).

The virtual patients in CliniSpac
e® ​​are represented by detailed physiologic and 3D graphic models. The models exchange data with the instruments and devices using a modular approach that also supports addition of devices and tests as appropriate.

About CliniSpace®