Clinical Interactions & DynaPatient™

Team Work and Inter-Professional Communication

  • Log in, select a character, and join the team in your virtual environment.
  • Use your headset to speak with other team members.
  • Assign team roles and practice communication as a team member.
  • Use the ‘invisible character’ feature to represent the voice of the patient.

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  • Team members come together without the need to travel
  • We are available on every device and platform for your convenience
  • Work space is realistic, with interactive patients and medical objects
  • Ability to converse adds significant realism
  • Facilitator can guide the scenario or remain invisible for observation only
  • We offer multi-person simulations to practice team interaction and single person simulations for self-study
  • A Rich Interactive Environment that replicates a real work environment and allows the learner to interact with the patient’s history, physical examination, medical and care intervention.
  • Interact with medical objects- equipment, supplies, medication, monitors, furniture. 
    Interact with live team members and computer-controlled characters
  • Perform Head-to-toe Patient Assessment on Virtual patients of different ethnicities, gender and age each with evidence based dynamic physiology.
  • Accommodates multiple users collaborating in a 3D ward environment.

  • User-authorable & dynamic patient characters.

  • Custom services to link Organization specific Learning Management Systems

  • Ability to add a conference room to support small group learning sessions. 

  • Interactive Electronic Medical Record.

  • Learner authentication and performance database